The cells in your body will only operate as well as you feed them.  You have heard “you are what you eat” and “food is medicine.”  Believe it.

When your body is functioning at its optimal level, bodily fluids and tissues exist in a slightly alkaline state (not acidic). The foods you eat often becomes the raw material to rebuild its tissue. Your pH balance can quickly become unbalanced if your diet consists largely of “acidifying” foods.

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These acidifying foods would result in your blood and body tissues becoming bathed in an acidic solution. Of course, it won’t kill you right away, but if left untreated, this acidic condition leads to diseases such as heart disease, high cholesterol and obesity.

How do you know whether your body is acidic and requires your attention?

Here’s what you can do today to find out whether your body may be dangerously acidic.

You would first need to ask yourself whether you experience any of the symptoms below.

a. Pimples or Acne

b. Agitation

c. Rapid panting breath

d. Rapid heartbeat

e. Muscular pain

f. Pre-menstrual and menstrual cramping

g. Pre-menstrual anxiety and depression

h. Cold hands and feet

i. Light headedness, dizziness

j. Exhausted easily and low energy

k. Joint pains that travel

l. Food allergies

m. Excessive gas

n. Hyperactivity

o. Lack of sex drive

p. Bloating

q. Heartburn, acid reflux

r. Yellow or strong smelling urine

s. Headaches, migraines

t. Irregular heartbeat

u. White coated tongue

v. Hard to get up in morning

w. Excess head mucous (stuffiness)

If you experience more than 2 of the symptoms listed here, there is a chance that your body is acidic and you may want to take precaution and change your diet before it accumulates and turns into a deadly disease one day.

There are other ways to confirm your body internal conditions, for example using a self urine test.

If you suspect your body is acidic or you want to feel healthy, youthful, and lose weight the natural way, find out how you can do so with this test:

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Transforming your health is much more important than just losing weight.

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