Most people are struggling with the desire to lose weight and stay in good shape. If not to show off strong abs, then for health reasons. The problem is that exercise routines sometimes get boring and difficult to keep up with. Busy schedules and tight budgets also make it difficult to observe a healthy diet so most people grab a bite of whatever they can. That’s why the introduction of weight loss pills seems like a much-awaited savior for most people. The demand for weight loss pills has been on the increase, but here’s why you should totally keep off them;

They are unregulated

Most weight loss pills are branded as diet supplements. This means that they do not need to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) before being allowed into the market. Without any FDA approval needed, most pills don’t undergo testing for any adverse effects on users. Instead of precautionary measures, adverse effects are handled in a reactionary manner which is sometimes too late. They may pose unknown dangers to your health.


Weight loss pills often have anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs and amphetamines as their ingredients. Anxiety and depression often trigger eating disorders so the anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs are meant to take care of that. The three ingredients are used to suppress appetites and help in weight loss but can end up being addictive. It becomes difficult to get off them even long after their purpose is done.

Increased risk of heart attack and other side effects

Stimulants such as amphetamines found in weight loss pills can trigger a heart attack and stroke. Stimulants should only be taken under prescription but weight loss pills are available over the counter and open to abuse, exposing the users to such devastating health effects.

Some pills also contain ingredients that limit absorption of fat into the body. This can lead to stomach upsets. Other side effects also include headaches, constipation and mood swings.

They won’t work

Some weight loss pills simply contain caffeine and diuretics which trigger the loss of water in the body. This results in initial loss of weight without necessarily losing the fat, which is what is harmful to your health. Getting off the pills leads to the body regaining its water and weight too. Too much use of such pills also often leads to dehydration. Side Effect Answers has a comprehensive report on weight loss pills and their side effects.

They don’t inspire you to change

Long term weight loss needs one to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This means working on your eating habits and exercising frequently. Weight loss pills offer a quick fix and a shortcut to the desired results, so most users end up uninspired to take the hard route. All the hard work is left to the pills. It also encourages unhealthy eating habits as one knows the unrequired excesses will be taken care of by the pills. Weight loss pills are however unsustainable in the long run, with users often ending up gaining back the lost weight. This can adversely affect one’s mental health.

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