by Kevin DiDonato, MS, CSCS, CES

What’s the easiest way to transform your body – almost OVERNIGHT?

Watch what you eat!

But, if you’re like most people, then your diet may not be the strongest part of your fat loss routine.

In fact, many people feel if you work just a little bit harder…

Or add another rep or set to your exercise routine….

Then everything you eat will just magically disappear, leaving you with a trim, toned midsection, and chiseled muscles.

But the TRUTH is: you CAN’T out exercise a poor diet!

It just doesn’t happen that easily!

Now, take a few seconds and let that reality sink in.

Done?  Great!

Now that you fully understand that you can’t outperform a poor diet, I want to offer you a simple, FIVE-step SOLUTION – that may transform your diet for the better.

5 Steps to a Better Diet

To start, I want to share with you a personal experience.

You see, I was once like you.  I feel that everyone at some point in their lives held a little bit of extra weight…

Didn’t like what they saw in the mirror…

And, were sick and tired or being SICK and TIRED about their FAT loss!

There wasn’t a day that went by, that I wasn’t frustrated with myself, for not looking like the person I DREAMT about.

Then one day, I decided enough was enough!

I searched high and low for the BEST weight loss secrets, tip, tricks, or solutions from every corner of the internet, weight loss gurus, and friends who were nutritionists.


I picked their brains over and over again!

It wasn’t until I discovered the five simple steps that I needed in order to accomplish the goals I was looking for.

I started slow…

Felt GREAT during it…

And, never looked back!

The result:

I looked in the mirror and saw something – or someone – that I hadn’t seen in years!

I was starting to see the person that I had dreamt about before!  Started to see definition where I least expected it!

So today, I want to share with you the five steps that helped me get to where I am today!

Step #1: Add REAL Fruits and Vegetables to Meals

Now this may seem silly, but the first step should be to replace the junk food – you know Snickers bars, cookies, or plain junk – to eating real fruits and vegetables.

You should carefully read the labels, making sure there aren’t foods that contain high-fructose corn syrup or other ADDED sugars.

You should walk straight to the produce section (and some farmers markets) and pick out fresh, ripe, fruits, and hearty green leafy vegetables.

And replace that junk food with these fresh fruits and vegetables.

The discovery that these fruits and vegetables are chock full of nutrients – that help BURN FAT – may be the main driving force to making this change.

It may take some time to get used to, but once you make the SWITCH, there is no going back!

Fruits and vegetables are both low in fat and low in calories, which make them a perfect addition to any mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.

Plus, including them in snacking or in meals may regulate blood sugar more effectively, which means there is less insulin for your body to use.

And, including simple carbs like fruits and vegetables – without all the added sugar – is just a smart move when you are looking to shed some extra fat.

Step #2: Quit the Fast-Food Addiction

Fast-food – which is full of processed white flours and sugar – is nothing but a death trap to your fat loss plans.

Fast food is filled with TONS of sodium, fatty protein, and TONS of calories – which can easily railroad your weight loss.

Not to mention, some studies – yes actual science – shows that fast food doesn’t fill you up or satisfy you long enough.

And this could easily lead to extra fat and weight gain – because you simply want to eat MORE!

Plus, your typical fast food meal may contain as much as one-third of your calories – for THE DAY!

Combine this with everything else you eat, and you are looking at a massive amount of calories and possible weight gain – especially FAT GAIN.

Step #3: Cut Back On Processed Whole Grains, Wheat, and Pastas

Do you hate to admit that you’re a pasta, bread, and dessert LOVER!

This step was may be by far the hardest!

But when you do your research, you may discover just how BAD processed flour and sugar is for you.

When wheat is processed, they strip the essential nutrients – like bran, fiber, minerals, and vitamins – that make wheat healthy.

Then they may chemically alter that processed flour by adding BACK the fiber, minerals, and other nutrients into the flour for added health benefits!

Also, discovering how today’s wheat is different from the wheat from 40 years ago was a true eye-opener!

Wheat today contains super starches, gluten molecules, and other things that may contribute to plenty of ill-health effects.

Again, studies show that today’s wheat may contain things that increase your risk for allergies, asthma, and other inflammatory processes.

Step #4: “Complete” Every Meal

It is a necessary step to complete every meal – and by complete – I mean to have a fruit and vegetable (simple carb), lean protein (grass-fed lean beef, wild-caught fish for example), and plenty of essential fats like olive oil and omega-3 fatty acids.

By completing your meal, you’re supplying your body with the right nutrients it needs to fight off inflammation and infections AND plenty of nutrition to keep you full, satisfied – and most importantly – burning FAT – ALL THE TIME!

This is by far the most important step in boosting your FAT LOSS.

Step #5: AVOID Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Nothing tastes better than a fizzing bottle of soda, or a full glass of your favorite fruit juice.


Sugar-sweetened beverages should be a no-no in any FAT loss plan.


Sugar-sweetened beverages may be responsible for putting on extra LBs – which is precisely the opposite of what you’re currently trying to do.

And think that diet soda or no-sugar added products are better? Well, you would be wrong.  Not only wrong, but DEAD WRONG!

Diet soda is nothing but added chemicals and preservatives that may cause cancer in some people.

Plus, the research points to diet soda as a main culprit in weight gain!


The studies say that people tend to crave SUGARY foods when they drink diet soda – which may ultimately lead you to GAINING weight – if you give in to those cravings.

Now, no sugar-added products DO CONTAIN SUGAR! All the label means is that there is no ADDED sugar to this product.

So if you’re drinking 100 percent natural, no sugar-added apple juice for example, then you are still getting the natural sugar that is found in apples!  Most people feel that when there is no sugar added that they can have as many cups as they want.

Well, the truth is, this will only lead to WEIGHT GAIN.

So make the switch to all-natural WATER!

Studies show that water not only fills you up (more water = less space in your belly for junk), but it may even lead you to choose healthier food options – such as fruits and vegetables.

These Five Tips Will SAVE Any FAT Loss Program

If you’re going to start these five tips – then you should start off slow.

Try not to jump into it and include ALL five tips at once!

It may work for short-term success, but for long-term success, it may not work at all!

Adopt one tip per week – or every two weeks – and see if you can reach all five tips by the end of the two months – or even three.

Small steps, like weekly or bi-weekly changes to your diet – may result in greater weight loss, because the changes you’re making are small and less daunting than trying to change everything all at once.

So for your health, including these five tips is not only smart, but sensible for ANYONE looking to change their overall eating plan.

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Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and Myofascial Release/Self Massage Specialist. Since 2006, I have helped thousands of clients and readers make lifestyle habit changes with my 5-Star Body Transformation Plan, where YOU are the main STAR. The 5-Star Plan helps you to achieve better long-term health, which includes body transformation and ideal body weight. I do not recommend fad diets, quick weight loss gimmicks, starvation diets, weight loss pills, fat burner supplements and the like.

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