Are you undecided about what to eat for lunch today?  Fear not…..just follow the advice of today’s Friday Fit Haiku:

Haiku Fit Friday 2


Smoothies for meal replacement, workout performance or workout recovery are delicious, easy to prepare, hopefully healthy and cost effective. What else do you need?

Whether you’re on the run or not, smoothies are a great choice. Hopefully, you will use whole, natural foods like fresh fruits, veggies, oats, nuts and Greek yogurt. And, take advantage of healthy herbs and spices instead of using excess sugars and salt. Its easy to make meal replacement smoothies of 400-600 calories. All it takes is a little planning, which is the best way to stick with your meal plan anyway.

If you plan your smoothies right, you will get the necessary protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals you need during the day.

It doesn’t take many ingredients to make smoothies, so you will definitely save money. Download your FREE smoothies book below. There are over 100 recipes in the book!

Download your free Smoothies Book now!

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