Improve Weight Loss Success with Bodyweight Exercise

Make your fat burning, weight loss and body transformation successful by burning total body fat. Never do “spot fat reduction,” such as targeting abdominal fat. Spot reduction training, by itself, won’t work.

The overall goal should be for you to have a healthy, lean body and not just great looking legs or abs.

Some common body fat areas that are sometimes hard to lose are: belly fat, butt/hips/thighs fat, low back fat and upper back arm fat

Any of those fat areas sound familiar? I think we all have dealt with one or more of those stubborn fat areas. Do you know what to do about it?

Tone your total body with the right training methods and you will burn more fat. In other words, “muscle up” and the fat will melt away! Make the commitment to full body strength training from now on….it will improve your body’s composition and overall health (including bone density).

Build Muscle, Burn Fat and Shrink Your Total Body

Burn total body fat by doing full body strength training and eating whole, natural foods. This will help you burn dangerous belly fat. Doing 1000 ab crunches a day won’t get the job done. If you want to do some extra work on your stubborn body fat areas (in addition to your regular workouts), that’s okay.

Mix up your strength workouts between heavy weight sessions (3-5 repetitions per set) and lighter weight circuit training sessions (10-12 repetitions per set).

Another tactic that will work to help you burn fat is changing up your cardio workouts. Don’t just do running on a treadmill or elliptical machine. You could do a different cardio workout every session to avoid boredom and repetitive stress injuries. Try these cardio workouts to blast fat:

–Bodyweight cardio
–Sprint intervals
–Jump exercise intervals

Cardio sessions of about 20 minutes will work to burn fat and save your muscle mass.

Stop Wasting Money On Silly Fitness Gadgets and Weight Loss Gimmicks That Don’t Work

You don’t need fitness gadgets to burn fat and lose weight. And, don’t spend any more money on fat loss and weight loss pills. You don’t need those supplements either. And finally, forget about quick weight loss programs. They don’t work long-term and that’s why they are called quick.

Your Fitness Program Should Be Tailored to Your Body

We all have a body type due to heredity and lifestyle choices. A fitness assessment is important because the personal trainer identifies your postural weaknesses and muscle imbalances. The fitness program is then tailored to fit your needs. Without this assessment, you are “shooting in the dark.”

Achieving optimal muscular fitness requires flexibility, strength, endurance, power, and speed. These components should be included in an integrated training program.

Because of lifestyle habits, the dominant side of the body develops more than the non-dominant side. And, if certain patterns or muscular actions are performed repeatedly, your muscles develop more in either the front of the body or the back of the body. As a result, some muscles become tight, lengthened or weak.

An integrated training program focuses on 3-dimensional muscular balance. This will help overall strength, burn more fat, prevent injuries and enhance everyday living.

Opposing muscle groups should be in balance. Focusing more on exercises like squats, deadlifts, rows, shoulder presses and bench presses will help you do this. Using more unilateral (one-leg, one-arm) exercises also improve muscular balance. Lunges, step ups and dumbbell exercises fit this category.

For example, the quadriceps group/hamstring group should be in balance (or the quads should not be significantly stronger than the hamstrings). Research has proven that inadequate hamstring strength contributes to knee anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries.

To avoid developing muscular imbalances or to correct muscular imbalances, you should do the following:

a) Have a postural assessment performed by a fitness professional. This assessment will indicate where your muscles are tight, weak or lengthened.

It will also indicate patterns of postural dysfunction called postural distortion patterns. Distortion patterns occur because the structural integrity of the kinetic chain (human movement system) is compromised due to the misalignment of one or more of its components.

b) Develop a comprehensive flexibility routine.

c) Strength training should focus on the total body (in all planes of motion) to burn more fat and avoid muscular imbalances.

Ready to get started?

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