By Mike Roussell, PhD

It would seem kind of crazy to think that your fat cells would release compounds that would actually make them shrink in size, but they do.

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It is just up to you to take advantage of your fat cells’ self-destructive behavior.

One way to do this is with the hormone adiponectin. Chances are you haven’t heard of adiponectin in the past as it is not well known outside of scientific circles.

Let me get you acquainted.

Adiponectin is a hormone released from your fat cells. Here are just a couple of the things that it does:

1. It helps break down fat so you can use it for energy (i.e., burn fat)

2. It improves how your body uses carbohydrates (which helps reduce their storage as fat)

3. It increases your calorie burning.

Sounds great doesn’t it? How can you get more adiponectin? Here are a couple ways.

1. Exercise – One study published in the scientific journal Diabetes Care found that adiponectin levels increased by 260 percent after just 2-3 bouts of exercise.

I always tell clients that exercise is like a booster shot, making your weight-loss diet work better.

One of the ways it does this is by increasing adiponectin levels.

2. Lose a Little Weight – The more body fat you have, the less adiponectin your fat cells are going to release.

The good news is that adiponectin will help you with the fat loss snow ball effect because the more weight you lose, the more adiponectin your fat cells will release, causing you to lose more weight.

It is just up to you to get the ball rolling.

3. Eat Salmon – The fats found in fish, like salmon or omega-3 supplements like krill oil, have been shown in animal studies to increase levels of adiponectin.

It seems counterintuitive that fats help you burn fat, but this is just another example of the incredible power of omega-3 fats.

Start getting your fat cells to work for you, not against you, by releasing more adiponectin.

These three easy tips will get you started on your way to becoming a leaner, calorie burning machine.

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