So, you want to be successful with weight loss transformation?  Are you willing to make changes in habits you may have developed over years or decades?  Transformation of any type involves significant, and sometimes painful, changes on your part.    Are you ready?  

The road to fitness, health and weight loss transformation can be full of setbacks and disappointments along the way.

When you are making tough changes there is a cycle that you go through.  It begins with paralyzing fear and ends with focus and achievement.

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You may need to change your mindset to a positive mindset to start making progress to reach your fat loss, weight loss and transformation goals. And, as you can see from my Weight Loss Transformation Success Cycle, there are many facets to the fit lifestyle.  Although its best to focus on one major goal at a time, the other elements of the cycle are always happening (some more than others).

You have to burn fat if you want to drop pant or dress sizes for good. If you just lose weight, you will probably regain the weight because you haven’t changed your body’s composition (burn fat, build muscle) to lean and toned.

Even if you leaned out your body with hard work and clean eating, you have to keep it going. You will stay lean and toned with more hard work and good nutrition. Even though muscle never changes to fat, you can lose muscle mass and the fat cells will fill up even more (if you become inactive for too long).

It will help if you get your motivation right while setting realistic goals. And, be ready to make adjustments to your workout and eating habits. Most of all, be ready to make the commitment to a lifestyle of fitness.


How’s your mindset and self-talk these days?

Dr. Kevin Elko, an expert in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology (CBP), states it this way:

“Those are real fancy words (CBP) that mean I learned how to help change the way people conduct conversations with themselves. Changing the way you talk to yourself can totally revolutionize your life, but learning to do it can take some time and guidance.”

How badly do you want to achieve good health and a lean body?

In my experience with clients and myself for that matter, negative self-talk and attitudes will defeat any goal you are trying to achieve.

Yes, you may need expert guidance but first try talking positively to yourself. Here are some negative self-talk examples that I have heard from clients:

“I will never be able to get in great shape and look awesome.”

“I can’t stop eating sugary foods and drinks.”

“I will never be able to fit into that dress or pants.”

“I can’t afford to eat healthy.”

“I’ve tried everything and failed.  This program probably won’t work either.”

“I hate lifting weights so I only do cardio exercise.”

“I can’t run fast so doing sprint intervals won’t work for me.”

“I would go to the gym but I don’t want people staring at me.”

“I would workout but I can’t afford a gym membership.”

“I don’t have time to workout.”

Those negative phrases could easily be replaced by “I can” or “I will” or “what’s the alternatives.” We will end up believing what we continually tell ourselves. And, it shows in our attitude and behavior.

I work with clients every day—online and one-on-one—to help them reach their goals. It doesn’t matter if the goals are weight loss or weight gain—many times the clients’ goals are hindered by “something else” going on in their lives.

We all deal with social, psychological and other problems/pressures every day. Its hard to focus on your body transformation goals when other problems are “weighing you down.” And, the way you talk to and treat yourself day-to-day is critical to your success. 


Start Your Amazing Body Transformation Today!

In my personal experience with clients, I find that those who embrace the process of transforming their bodies are ultimately successful. They get it done no matter how long it takes. And, they apply the feedback that I give them without feeling as though they are failures.


You need a “WHY.”  There could be many “whys” but usually there is a primary “why.”  And, your “why” usually changes with your life situation.

Some “whys” could include:

  • you got a bad health checkup from your doctor
  • you’re trying to fit into your “skinny clothes”
  • you don’t like the way you look naked in the mirror
  • you’re getting in shape for a fitness competition
  • you’re trying to be a role model for your kids
  • you’re trying to reach your high school weight

Whatever “floats your boat” and gets you going will work. The main thing is to stay consistent over time with your workouts and eating plan.  Willpower alone will not carry you through to long-term body transformation success.


  • taking desperate measures to lose weight as fast as possible
  • wasting money on weight loss products that either do not work or will only give you a minor temporary boost
  • a typical desperate dieter tries a new plan four times a year
  • you are starving or hungry most of the time as a result of the diet
  • you have low energy, are irritable or sick
  • you are trying to burn fat and lose weight without exercising
  • you have slowed metabolism, weaker immune system, hormonal imbalances, decreased energy, disrupted sleep patterns and decreased muscle mass as a result of chronic starvation diets
  • you start hating to eat, which is not normal

Don’t let losing weight take over your life!

Be wary of any program that conditions your weight loss success on their product and/or asks you to go to extremes. Even if you follow the extremes and are successful for a short time, you can not maintain such programs, and you regain the weight.

Some examples of programs to avoid:

  • Quick weight loss pill programs
  • 500-calorie a day severe restriction diets
  • Diets omitting a macronutrient, such as chronic no-carb diets
  • Spot reduction products, such as belly fat burning gadgets
  • Programs that conditions that you eat their prepared foods


Long-term body transformation success always happens when you consistently practice health, fitness and nutrition behaviors that work.  And that, my friend, is where the “rubber meets the road.”

According to American Council on Exercise (ACE) master trainer Nancy L. Naternicola:

Make a realistic and specific plan. Be realistic and write down the days and times that work best for you to exercise. Be practical rather than say you are going to exercise seven days a week for an hour each day. You can always increase the time or add another day as your schedule allows. This will allow you to pat yourself on the back for accomplishing more than planned instead of beating yourself up because you missed an exercise session.

Work on one behavior at a time.  Your unhealthy behavior didn’t happen overnight, and a new behavior will take time. Trying to accomplish too much too fast may set you up for failure and cause you to lapse, which can lead to relapse, so it’s essential to focus on one thing at a time—replacing one unhealthy behavior with a healthy behavior.

Use short-term goals to help you reach long-term goals. While your long-term goal may be to lose 25 pounds, breaking it down into a shorter goal will help you feel successful and motivated to continue. For example, losing one pound a week is a small, achievable step that will help you reach your goal in 25 weeks.

Set up reminders to keep you focused on your goals. Setting up daily reminders, or prompts, will help you stay focused on changing your behavior. Examples include packing your gym bag the night before or keeping your running shoes in the car. Put your exercise schedule on the refrigerator and schedule exercise time in your planner as you would a doctor’s appointment.

Reward yourself. It’s important to recognize your accomplishments. Upon reaching a goal, reward yourself with a movie or spa treatment instead of an unhealthy food item. You can also use your social network to post, tweet, or blog about what you have done.

Keep your program fresh to avoid boredom. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to exercise, so think about changing your regular walking route, or vary your activity with walking, biking, and swimming. Naternicola points out that this is the time to try something new—like a yoga class or martial arts lessons. Or if you have been doing the same strength routine, switch it up with one or two weeks of body-weight-only exercises.

Understand triggers that set off unhealthy behavior. If you are aware of certain triggers, or stimuli, that set off an unhealthy behavior, make a note of the time, place, and your feelings when it happens and choose an alternative. For example, if you drive by a fast-food restaurant on the way home and can’t resist some fries or a milkshake, take a different route.

Monitor your behavior. Keep a record of your workouts—that is, what type of exercise you performed. Studies have shown that those who monitor their exercise lose more weight and make better improvements in fitness levels than those who don’t. Use my expert guidance and online app to to track your progress.


Get the right fitness program for you. That’s why a trainer is a good place to start, especially for newbies. A trainer will do your fitness and nutrition assessment during the first consultation. For instance, excess belly fat has been shown to be a precursor to diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

You will also need to improve your posture, strength, flexibility, body composition, balance and endurance among other things. All of these figure importantly in any fat loss and weight loss program. You need to focus on total health and not just weight loss.

Your health numbers are also important and should be identified for improvement right away. You may need a doctor’s clearance before you can begin an exercise program. Some important health numbers are: blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood fat levels.


Changing eating habits developed over the years can be very difficult and sometimes overwhelming.  Its best to work on one habit at a time, such as learning to eat slowly.

Learn to prepare, plan and comply with your meals at least 90% of the time. This will help you stick to your meal plan. Record what you eat until you know how to eat by portion size. If you eat 42 meals in a 7-day week, you could have 4 cheat meals (90% compliance) and still be successful with fat loss and weight loss. Perfection is definitely not possible or needed.


Be ready to make adjustments. Weekly body fat measurements are critical to see if your body is shrinking. You may need to adjust your eating plan, exercise plan or both. And, if you don’t always lose weight during a week, don’t sweat it. If your body fat percentage is decreasing (if even by .5%), you are succeeding.

Other indicators that your body is changing and your health improving:

  • your clothes are fitting looser
  • your blood pressure and resting heart rate is decreasing
  • your fat blood levels are decreasing
  • your bad cholesterol levels are decreasing and good levels are increasing
  • you are sleeping and resting better
  • you have more energy and are less stressed out about life’s events


Having social support is critical for long-term weight loss success. Research has long supported this fact. Long-term success includes fat loss and body transformation which will insure that your weight loss stays off. Maintaining weight loss is much tougher than just losing 20 pounds in a month or two.

Here are 4 forms of good social support:

a. Getting support from a spouse, friend, workout buddy or personal trainer are proven to work again and again.  Use them.

b. Fitness bootcamps have become popular as a form of group exercise. My question to anyone thinking about participating in a bootcamp is this: What are your fitness goals?Your answer will tell me whether a bootcamp will have long-term benefit for you. What’s your plan to continue exercising and eating right after the bootcamp?

If your bootcamp experience isn’t part of a permanent commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle, then you are not going to get the permanent fitness results you want, a lean and toned body. Permanent fitness results take longer than any 1 or 2 week bootcamp. The bootcamp will just be a quick fix for you. That sounds harsh but I see the quick fix scenario too much out there.

c. Online social networks are also an option and enables you to seek help for your particular weight gain situation.

d. Social weight loss contests can succeed for 2 reasons:

  • Accountability – As stated above.
  • Support  Its a long, never-ending road to burning fat, losing weight, changing your body and maintaining weight. Support from someone going through the same thing is very important.

Also, inform family members and friends early on what your body-changing intentions are.  The more support, the better. On the opposite end, avoid people who will have a negative attitude about your weight loss intentions. There are many would-be haters out there to help you fail.


Reach your ideal body weight and maintain it for life.  You can stop the frustration today and START YOUR AMAZING BODY TRANSFORMATION!

Do you want to:

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  • Have the Energy to Accomplish Your Daily Goals?

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I will coach you to transform your body and its definitely not just about weight loss.  You will learn what it takes to change your eating habits and lifestyle and start remaking your body a healthy, energized and lean fat-burning machine!

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