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Today I want to share with you something that can enhance your fat loss efforts even more… 

Of course this assumes that you have your diet and training regimen in order… 

Which means you’re eating CLEAN (fueling up on proteins, good fats, and vegetables, with starchy vegetables when appropriate)…

And training in a way that is a positive stressor, without being  too taxing on your body, allowing for proper recovery and mitigation of stress (strength training 2-3 times each week, maybe a sprint session, plenty of walks, lots of outdoor time, and getting PLENTY of relaxation in between is the sweet spot for most people). 

Now, I promised to give you a “fat loss enhancer” to make each of those strategies significantly more effective…

But before I tell you what it is, I need to stress this again…

If you’re not working out and ideally strength training, none of these weight loss strategies, nor this fat loss enhancer, will work for you. 

Okay, now time for the fat loss enhancer that will make all three of the Kiwi fat loss strategies more effective… 

What is it?

BCAAs —leucine, isoleucine, and valine— often referred to as the “building blocks” of the body, make up 35% of your muscle mass. 

You can get them from foods like meat, fish, and eggs….

But supplementation can provide them in the Macro Amounts and at the right timing to see greater benefits.. )

Mate, if you pair BCAA’s in the right way with any of the fat loss strategies I gave you, you can see some considerable results..

Here’s what BCAAs may be able to help you with: 

1) Helps reduce cravings and binges

When you’re trying to lose weight, cravings and binges will usually pop up… 

Pizza, pancakes, candy…

And resisting these urges may be the deciding factor on whether you achieve your results or not..

BCAAs may be able to help counter this via their impact on brain signaling on satiety. 

The result?

They help reduce cravings so that you can manage them. Whether you’re carefully managing your carbs, or following an intermittent fasting protocol, this may be crucial to your success. 

2) Can help make it easier to build muscle

Building muscle helps you burn more and lose fat a lot faster. And BCAAs can help speed up this process. 

BCAA’s are referred to as the “building blocks” of your body…

How so?

These are three of the key ingredients your body needs to maximize protein synthesis. Thing of building a Lego building, BCAA’s are the ideal Lego “blocks” for making muscle. 

And when you supplement with BCAAs after a workout, you can have a lot of these building blocks floating around, helping to stimulate this muscle building and repair process at a time when that is exactly what your body is looking for.

This is the process by which your body builds muscle. 

Remember: More muscle = more fat burned. (A pound of muscle needs energy to survive. It uses between 75 and 150 calories a day, while a pound of fat only needs three calories per day.)

3) Help your body burn fat as a fuel source (instead of muscle) 

One of the dangers of losing fat is that it’s easy to also lose muscle. 

When you eat less, especially for a prolonged period of time, your body is more likely to break down muscle for energy. 

And that’s NOT GOOD. Because muscle is the hard won engine that helps you burn fat and keeps you looking good. 

(see how it’s all connected?) 

But you can help stop muscle loss by supplementing with BCAAs. 

If you have a quality BCAA supplement (with emphasis on QUALITY – more on this in an upcoming email) they can give you the materials you need to help STOP muscles from being broken down. 

A study with wrestlers who were in a calorie deprived state and training hard, showed faster fat loss and better exercise performance in the group who took BCAA’s. 

Another investigation using climbers in the Himalayas (who frequently can’t carry their daily energy requirements on them for fuel, therefore are reliant on their bodies stored energy (fat), showed increased fat utilization and decreased muscle usage. 

BCAA’s, plus the right exercise, plus slight calorie deprivation = more likely to burn fat for fuel and save that muscle. 

4) Reduce aging effects

We talked about how intermittent fasting can help hold off signs of aging…

And BCAA supplementation has been shown to have similar anti-aging effects. 

How so, you ask? 

In all neurodegenerative diseases, your mitochondria get damaged. 

A recent study by The Endocrine Society found that BCAAs rejuvenate your mitochondria and help fight the signs of aging. 

They actually increase the production of mitochondria through a process called mTOR, which boosts the nitric oxide system. 

A new finding, but pretty cool!

5) Reduce muscle soreness 

If you’re strength training on your path to fat loss, then it can make your muscles sore… 

Plus, the actual process of fat loss can also make you extra sore. 

And when you’re really sore, you’re less likely to be excited about hitting the gym and training. 

You see,BCAAs can help your muscles recover faster, and mitigate inflammation to help you build even more muscle.

If you’re training hard, consider taking BCAAs on non-workout days as well, when you’re muscles are still recovering. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Now I must highlight that BCAA’s are purely elective.

That’s to say that you DON’T NEED them for fat loss or building lean muscle… 

However, BCAA’s can play an important role in helping you with the following: 

–    faster recovery from training
–    assistance with mood and appetite control 
–    and burning your fat as fuel instead of muscle when trying to get lean

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