Everyone is different, and the type of career you love might not be for someone else. Jobs that deal with customer or client facing roles are some of the most rewarding yet stressful occupations in the employment market, but for someone that loves the interaction and the chance to meet others from all walks of life, these types of positions are perfect for you. People-facing jobs can be fun and diverse and are often full of surprises every day. This type of work, of course, isn’t for people that dislike social situations and having an extroverted personality can also help leaps and bounds when dealing with different situations.

If you love working with people, check out these jobs that could be perfect for you.


This is possibly one of the most rewarding and people-facing jobs you can get, and it is perfect for anyone that loves mingling with the community. Careers in nursing require patience and aren’t for anyone that can’t stand the sight of blood. People that are outgoing, caring and certainly willing to help others in any situation do best in this role, and training is available for anyone looking to take up this path. Institutions including Valley Anesthesia also help student nurses to prepare for the National Certifying Exam with study for the Anesthesia Board Review Course so you can gain the necessary qualifications for progression in your career.


Teachers are often labeled as a pillar of modern society, as they provide an excellent overall education and instill morals into our children. If this sounds like the type of thing you could do, then this job role could be for you. While teachers are often driven by interactions with pupils and the community, they also have to have a range of other qualities to be successful. Patience is one of the most significant factors alongside being open, considerate and understanding of different needs.

Fitness instructor

If you love fitness and helping others, then a career in personal fitness training is the perfect option. To enter this type of position, it helps if you are the type of person that is motivated by reaching goals and helping others to achieve theirs. This enthusiasm and love of what you do can bring a fun and energetic vibe to your job, and you also get to meet tons of people and help them achieve a healthier lifestyle.


Practically any job in retail is customer facing, and if you love helping others to make choices about their shopping habits, then this is an ideal career. In retail, there is also the opportunity to work your way through several stages from store floor assistant through to higher management. This progression is perfect for anyone looking to have a steady job where you could possibly make extra cash from a commission from doing great work. Anyone that is patient, considerate, driven and enthusiastic is suitable for these roles, and it can make a rewarding career prospect for all ages.

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