Zero calorie foods should be a huge part of your healthy eating to help you burn fat, lose weight and maintain it long-term.  

If you need a Pantry Makeover, check out  The Fat Burning Kitchen.  Eat well every day to build your best body.    

zero calorie foods


Catherine Ebeling and Mike Geary are co-authors of the popular ebook,  Fat-Burning Kitchen, which shows you how to totally revamp your kitchen to make your body a fat-burning machine!

Mark Dilworth, BA, PES


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Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist Your Fitness University
Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and Myofascial Release/Self Massage Specialist. Since 2006, I have helped thousands of clients and readers make lifestyle habit changes with my 5-Star Body Transformation Plan, where YOU are the main STAR. The 5-Star Plan helps you to achieve better long-term health, which includes body transformation and ideal body weight. I do not recommend fad diets, quick weight loss gimmicks, starvation diets, weight loss pills, fat burner supplements and the like.

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