…here are 5 reasons why you should NEVER skip a meal—no matter what!

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CES—Level  1 Certified Precision Nutrition and Certified Personal Trainer

Picture this for a moment….

Your alarm goes off—or it’s been going off for some time—and you jump out of bed and race around getting ready.

You skip breakfast, work through your lunch break, and arrive home—just in time for dinner.

You’re either:

1.    So hungry that you raid the fridge and the pantry before you sit down to eat your meal


2. You’re way too tired and you crawl upstairs and go to bed.

Unfortunately, these are just a couple of the side effects of skipping meals—and they can have detrimental results to your weight loss and your health.

The simple fact is: You can’t expect to see awesome results, if you’re running on no gas in the tank.

It’s just not going to happen.

If you find a way to make it work, then I will ride off in the sunset, never to be heard from again.


I highly doubt you will—since eating is a pretty basic need that everyone has.   And when it comes to changing your body, losing weight, or keeping yourself awake during those boring budget meetings, you need to eat frequently to keep your blood sugar and energy levels where they should be.

Now, if you’re a chronic meal skipper, then you’ll be surprised at:

What Skipping Meals Does To Your Body

Your body uses energy throughout the day so you can do daily activities like work, play, and everything in between.

If you’re not eating-or you’re skipping meals all the time—then you’re not getting the energy you need to function throughout the day.

But that’s not all that’s happening.  Skipping meals could also be taking a toll on your body—and you may not even know it.

Just take a look for yourself:

1. There’s a catch to Your Weight Loss

Skipping meals may cause weight loss over the course of a few months.

But it may not be healthy weight loss!  Typically, when you lose weight from not eating, you’re losing a whole lot of muscle and not a whole lot of fat.

The reason being is that your body tends to conserve fat when you’re starving (protection mechanism) and burn your lean muscle mass.

This leads to a slower metabolism and the risk for weight rebound—or the process of regaining lost weight in the form of belly fat.

Skipping meals for the sole purpose of losing weight is going to be a battle you’re going to lose—every time.

2. You Run Low on Beneficial Nutrients

Skipping a meal here and there may not be too bad for your health.  But if you’re constantly skipping meals, you’re going to run the risk of running low on the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and fit.

And running low on these nutrients may cause you to feel tired all the time, poor mental concentration, and many other potential health issues.

Editors Note: There is one type of fat that you are seriously lacking in–and you probably don’t even know it.  That one fat is the omega-3 fatty acids.  Never miss a day or your dose of the powerful omega-3s again with this.

Going without eating on a consistent basis may mean you’re going to be low in protein (used for building lean muscle mass and a faster metabolism), vitamins that boost your immune system, minerals that aid in enzyme production amongst other things, and essential fats that could improve your appetite control.

3. Your Risk for Diseases Increase

Regularly skipping breakfast could lead to the development of certain diseases, including diabetes or even heart disease.

Some studies suggest that skipping breakfast may lead to a higher risk for diabetes in women and a much higher risk for heart disease in men.

The reason: Your body needs breakfast in order to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol, hormones, insulin, blood sugar, and to regulate blood pressure.

Going without breakfast may lead to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and blood pressure issues.

4. You’re More Likely to Binge on Junk Food

I have some bad news for you…

If you frequently skip breakfast, you’re going to probably gain weight.  And not for the reason’s you’re thinking.

Studies show that people who skip breakfast may be 31 percent more likely to pick up junk food when they go shopping—instead of opting for healthy foods.

And for those who shop later—and skip lunch—may also select higher-calorie, junk food options instead of wholesome foods.

What does this all mean?  Skipping meals may cause your body to crave unhealthy foods—which could lead to weight gain in the future.

5. Your Exercise Routine may Suffer

Even though skipping breakfast and heading to the gym (only to eat later) may lead to weight loss, there are other things that may occur.

Firstly, you may opt NOT to go to the gym, which could easily railroad all the headway you’ve made in your program.

Skipping meals usually results in lower blood sugar levels.  Combine that with stress from your job and family obligations, you may opt to not go to the gym, because you’re simply drained of all your energy.

Secondly, you may not have the energy to get a good workout in.  Even if you do manage to make it to the gym, your energy levels (and blood sugar) may be too low to make it through your entire workout.

Why You Should Never Skip a Meal

Skipping meals is probably one of the worst things you can do for your body.  It leads to low blood sugar, low energy, and intense cravings for junk food.

And that is why we always recommend that you never skip a meal—especially when you’re trying to lose weight.

But I will warn you…

There are many different foods out there—even healthy one—that would think would be good for you to enjoy.

But they’re not.In fact, they could lead to negative blood sugar spikes, even more cravings for sugary foods,  even weight gain.

That’s why, on the next page, I want to show you why it’s super important NOT to skip meals—and the exact formula I recommend and follow daily to ensure that, even when I do miss a traditional meal, I am getting all the nutrients I need—and then some.

So, click over to the next page and discover for yourself how you can boost your metabolism, strip away years of stored belly fat, and NEVER miss a meal in the process:



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