If you want to lose weight and eat better, meal prep is a crucial step in any healthy eating or weight loss journey. Meal prep can save you money, time and energy in creating healthy meals and this prevents overeating and poor choices. Below we look at why having a meal prep routine is so important.

What Exactly is Meal Prep?

If you haven’t heard of meal prep before, you may be wondering what it consists of. As the name suggests, meal prep is the preparation of meals for a few days or the whole week. Meal prep requires a few hours each week where you can dedicate time to making and preparing food that can be stored in airtight containers and taken to work or eaten at home. Meal prep doesn’t mean preparing the same meals for every day either; you can mix it up and create different sauces or meats to eat for different meals. These meals can be chilled and eaten within a few days, or frozen for convenience.

Saves Time

While it may take a few hours to create all the meals you need for the week, in the long run, this can save plenty of time after work. Instead of worrying about what you’re going to eat for lunch at work tomorrow, you can rest easy knowing you don’t need to go out and buy a salad at the store, as your meals have been made for the rest of the week. Cooking in bulk is easier and quicker, making it great for those who want to eat healthier but have a busy schedule.

Saves Money

How many times have you decided to eat out after a long day of work when you can’t be bothered to cook anything? Not only is this a bad habit when trying to eat cleaner, it can also burn a hole in your wallet. If you’re guilty of eating out and wasting food at home, meal prep may be the answer. This will also save money on your energy bills, as you are choosing to cook everything in one sitting, rather than using the cooker every night. When you have tasty meals ready to eat, you are less inclined to eat out.

Promotes Weight Loss

Meal prep ensures you have healthy, calorie controlled meals available every day, reducing the risk of overeating or eating out. Pre-portioned meals can help with portion control, meaning less consumption of unneeded calories. If you are going to meal prep, be sure to find a great gym to help with your weight loss journey. The Club Fitness Facilities offer many different packages each month, with classes and personal trainers to suit the needs of your weight loss journey.  

If you want to lose weight and eat better, meal prep is an important routine to begin. Although it may be hard to get into at the start, once you see the benefits of having portion-controlled, healthy meals at your convenience, it will get easier to stick to your new routine.

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