Shockingly, 42 billion pounds of toxic, hormone-blocking chemicals are dumped on unsuspecting Americans EVERY day — everything from insecticides to heavy metals to flame retardants.

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Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control tested 2,522 Americans to see how much of that toxic load was sneaking into our bodies.

The results? Every single person had toxins — a total of 212 different toxic chemicals overall.

Worse, shocking new research shows these toxins can disrupt fat loss hormones, killing your metabolism and forcing you to pack on the pounds.

Sure, you can eat organic and drink filtered water — but you just can’t escape them ALL.

The worst part is your body soaks them up like sponges! And even grueling, time-consuming “detox” regimens can’t get rid of all of them.

Fortunately, there is a way to neutralize their effect on fat loss. A recent metabolic breakthrough can help un-block your fat-loss hormones, fire up your metabolism and get your waistline under control.

But first, let’s take a closer look at how these everyday toxins can hijack your 3 most powerful fat burning hormones…

Hijacked Hormone #1: Reactivate Your Metabolic Gas Pedal

Your body hides toxins in fat cells to minimize the damage they can do.

Frustratingly, the moment you start burning fat, those trapped toxins get released and they flood into your bloodstream where they can REALLY do some metabolic damage.

There’s one fat burning hormone in particular that’s extremely vulnerable to being blocked by these toxins — your thyroid.

That’s not good for fat loss because your thyroid is your metabolic gas pedal, stimulating your cells to create more energy by burning more fat.

When these nasty toxins keep your thyroid hormones from doing their job, your fat loss efforts literally run out of gas and the pounds pile on, no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise.

But this metabolic breakthrough not only can help support healthy thyroid function, it has the ability to directly (and safely) stimulate your cells to burn fat. That bypasses the need to rely 100% on your thyroid. More on that in a moment.

Hijacked Hormone #2: Get Your Appetite Control Back!

Ever thought, “If I just had more willpower, I could lose the weight”?

You tell yourself you are absolutely not going to dive into that bag of potato chips sitting there on the kitchen counter, taunting you.

Still, you head back for seconds — and maybe thirds. And HATE yourself afterwards.

Stop beating yourself up. You do NOT have a willpower problem. You have a hormone-power problem!

Normally when you eat enough food, your body releases leptin, your “I’m full” hormone. Leptin then travels to your brain, where it delivers the message that you are full.

But new research shows that even small amounts of toxins can damage the leptin receptors in the brain — and stop the “I’m full” message from getting through… so you keep on eating!

Unfortunately, studies have found that chemicals in nonstick cookware (PFOA) as well as in most food containers and other plastics (BPA), can interfere with leptin.

The good news: You can get your appetite control back by getting leptin back on track. And I’ll show how after this last hijacked hormone.

Hijacked Hormone #3: Stop STORING Extra Fat!

Can the cause of that embarrassing muffin top or beer belly really be a toxic pesticide banned 40 years ago?

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) like the infamous insect repellent, DDT, can hang around the environment for decades, piling up in our bodies year after year. So the older you are, the worse it gets!

And scientists have found that people with the highest POP levels are 38 times more likely to be resistant to insulin, the essential hormone for processing sugar and carbs.

When you’re resistant to insulin’s effects, your body cranks out even more insulin to compensate. That’s especially bad if you want to lose weight.

Because insulin ALSO tells your body to make and store NEW fat — while BLOCKING existing fat from being burned. So even if you cut calories until the cows come home, it doesn’t do any good!

But Now You Can Unblock Your Hormones by Doing This

To deal with these toxins, most people try everything including hard-core fasting, fistfuls of supplements, invasive enemas, colon and liver cleanses and blisteringly hot saunas.

But these methods can take forever to work (and some may not work at all).

Fortunately, there is now a much faster way to naturally overcome the effects of these metabolism-blocking toxins…

Scientists have uncovered 7 safe, natural substances that can help jumpstart your metabolism, restore your toxin-ravaged hormone balance, and send the pounds packing!

==> Unblock your metabolism and start burning fat again with THIS

These natural compounds can gently coax your hormones back into balance, allowing your cellular fat burning furnaces to burn white hot once again so you can start trimming off those unwanted inches.

Hundreds of studies show that some of these natural “metabolic enhancers” don’t even have to rely on your hormones to work their magic. They can directly stimulate your cells to burn even your most stubborn fat.

Check out these metabolic enhancers now!

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