5 Steps To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Developing sustainable eating, exercise, and stress-management practices to reach your goals is your own personal journey.  There is no need to compare yourself to any other person.

Whether you’re already following a diet or eating style in pursuit of body transformation, or you have a specific one in mind………

Just know that what works best for you might not be the thing you expect.

Paleo, fully plant-based, Mediterranean, keto, or balanced, you name it: Either one can be effective, depending on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and needs.

What to do next…

Look at the big picture.

Body weight is absolutely impacted by the kinds of foods you eat, your activity level, and, yes, your hormones.

But we aren’t robots.

We have to look beyond just physiology and recognize that body weight is also influenced by many other factors, including:

Social: stigma around body weight and peer pressure to eat a certain way

Economic: the cost of food and exercise, and the pressure to perform at work (which can contribute to a lack of time to eat healthfully and exercise)

Media: exposure to food advertising, how bodies are portrayed in the media, and availability of passive entertainment options (think: whether or not you have a Netflix subscription)

What’s Available: the walkability of your living environment, access to outdoor spaces, and whether your job is sedentary or physically active

Medical: medications you may be taking, medical conditions you’re dealing with, or complications from past surgeries

Developmental: how important food and exercise were in your family growing up, and the mindset you were raised with

There’s not one simple answer.

Losing weight is likely to take a series of small steps to get where you want to go.

My advice: Focus on the “big rocks” before you worry about specific eating styles, nutrient timing, and dietary supplements.

5 Steps To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

1. Choose mostly minimally-processed, nutrient-dense foods most of the time.

Minimally-processed foods are more filling and satisfying, which can help reduce your calorie intake naturally.

The next time you go food shopping, get rid of this MYTH:

“Healthy foods cost too much.”

Here are some nutrient-rich, relatively low-cost all-star foods:

➡️ Proteins: eggs, whole chicken, canned fish, round/sirloin steak

➡️ Smart carbs: bulk brown rice, bulk lentils and beans, potatoes, oats

➡️ Veggies: cabbage, carrots, beets, celery, Romaine lettuce, frozen spinach/broccoli

➡️ Fruit: bananas, whole watermelon, season apples, oranges, frozen berries

➡️ Healthy fats: seeds, nuts, extra-virgin olive oil

Aim for progress, not perfection.

2. Eat enough lean protein and vegetables. (Broccoli and Steak Bowl Recipe)

3. Get adequate sleep (7-9 hours of deep sleep each night).

About 90% of Growth Hormone secretion occurs at night during deep sleep. Our sleep-deprived, crazy-busy society is working against us!

👉🏻 Growth Hormone (called the “youth hormone”):

▶ Improves anti-aging 
▶ Increases energy
▶ Enhances immune function
▶ Helps muscle building potential and 
▶ Enhances your fat loss and weight loss potential

4. Manage chronic stress.

Many times, stress causes us to crave the foods that are ultra-processed and not very nutritious.

Three things can happen:

▶ It satisfies you right now but it does little to regulate your appetite the rest of the day.
▶ It explodes your calorie count for the day and you gain weight.
▶ You feel guilty after eating the food.

Instead of letting emotions drive your food choices, try to eat only when you are physically hungry (following your meal plan).  

5. Stay active (like walking) on the days you don't workout.

These 5 steps work for just about any diet approach you prefer.

By making the first few diet and lifestyle changes around these fundamentals, you can ensure that the changes you make provide the most return on the effort.

Ask yourself:

“How’s my diet working for me?”

Some signs it might not be working for you include:

✅ Difficulty staying consistent

✅ Frequently “falling off the wagon”

✅ Feeling tired, hungry, and/or cranky most of the time

✅ Not seeing results

✅ Avoiding social obligations because it’s too difficult to avoid temptation

Put your strengths into action, and create a plan that’s custom-made for your life!

Keep eating better and moving more.

Do you want to:

  • Eat Better to be Healthier, Burn More Fat and Lose Permanent Weight?
  • Feel Better than You have Felt in Months or Years?
  • Have the Energy to Accomplish Your Daily Goals?

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Mark Dilworth, PN1-NC, CDS , NMH, LWM

Certified Nutrition Coach, Dietary Strategies Specialist, Specialist In Nutrition For Metabolic Health and Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist

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