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Men's 12 Week SHRED Fat Loss Program

Let’s jump right in….You want to lose weight, get lean and keep it off for good!

But first, there are things that can stop your progress and frustrate you big-time.

As men, we tend to think that working harder and longer can fix anything.  Well, when it comes to losing weight long-term, you can’t outwork consistent overeating and lifestyle habits that leave you drained (mentally and physically).

And, you don’t have the time to workout like you did in high school.  There’s jobs, partners, kids, hobbies, etc. to deal with now.  The good news is that you don’t need to workout that way to get in great shape.

So, I want you to deal with these 2 questions in your mind today:

➡️ What’s going on in your life right now that is “getting in the way” of you starting or maintaining a consistent body transformation program? 

➡️ Will you go all in? Are you 100% ready, willing and able to start or maintain a program?  This doesn’t require perfection just persistence, grit and a willingness to accept coaching feedback.

As a man, I know what it’s like to be 40-50 pounds overweight!  It was a process to lose that weight and it continues to be a process to maintain my college body weight. 

I had tough questions to deal with, like the 2 questions above.  You may have more questions. 

The Men's 12 Week SHRED is tailored for men who want to start building super health and stronger bodies!

We understand that achieving your fitness goals isn't just about quick fixes—it's about building a foundation for a healthier, fitter life.

In addition to our comprehensive fitness and nutrition offerings, we're committed to providing you with the support and accountability you need to succeed. Our weekly check-ins (and you can call or text anytime with questions!) allow us to monitor your progress and provide personalized guidance.


Get a fast start with The 7-Day Fat Loss Jumpstart!

Designed to kickstart your fitness journey, this program is packed with effective workouts and nutrition guidance to help you start shedding those extra pounds and feeling better!

It’s very important to experience early success with your body transformation program. Get started on the right foot with nutrition, exercise, stress control, sleep, etc. and never look back!

Video-Guided Workouts

You get a new program every 4 weeks, if you want. The research says doing these types of short burst workouts will change your hormones, allowing your body to naturally regulate fat burning, appetite and moods.

From bodyweight exercises and dumbbell routines to resistance band workouts and rejuvenating yoga sessions, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Customized Nutrition Plan

And, don’t forget the NUTRITION……got you covered with a FREE Customized Nutrition Plan!

There’s Paleo, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Low-Carb, Fully Plant-Based and Balanced nutrition plans available. to help you reach your goals.

Tracking Foods, Macros and Calories Online

Use the verified food database in your online portal to post your meals and track your foods, macros, calories, etc. in your personal online portal!

You can also import your data from FitBit, MyFitnessPal and Apple Watch into your personal online portal to save time.

Free Newsletter and Weekly Check-In

I will check in with you weekly to see how the program is working for you!

You will also get my cutting-edge newsletter, “Top Weight Loss Tips” to help you stay on t rack to your goals.

With the Men's 12 Week SHRED, you'll have access to a diverse range of workout programs designed to keep you motivated and challenged.

Plus, with a new program available every 4 weeks, you'll never get bored and will continuously progress towards your goals.

But it's not just about the workouts. We also recognize the importance of nutrition in achieving lasting results.

With our easy-to-use online videos and food tracking system, you can monitor your workouts, meals, macros, and calories with ease, ensuring that you stay on track and accountable.

Say goodbye to restrictive diets and unsustainable workout routines.

Ready to take the first step towards a healthier, fitter you?

Start today and experience the difference that the Men's 12 Week SHRED can make in your life.

The price is just a $99.00 one-time payment!

There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Don't let anything hold you back from achieving your fitness goals.

Get started on your journey to a stronger, fitter you!

$99.00 one-time payment

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